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Web Site Garage: Summary Report


This report displays a summary of the diagnostics that have run on your home page.
A combined rating is given along with detailed reports.
Site URL
Combined Rating
Overall Grade:
 excellent - checked  good - unchecked  fair - unchecked  poor - unchecked
Diagnostic Reports
Browser Compatibility
 excellent - unchecked  good - checked  fair - unchecked  poor - unchecked
  excellent - unchecked   good - checked   fair - unchecked   poor - unchecked
Load Time
 excellent - checked  good - unchecked  fair - unchecked  poor - unchecked
Dead Link
 excellent - checked  good - unchecked  fair - unchecked  poor - unchecked
 HTML Design
 excellent - checked   good - unchecked   fair - unchecked   poor - unchecked
Mechanic Signature

Browser Compatibility

This utility checks how well your Web page is displayed when viewed with different browsers.

Report Run on 12/08/1998 at 00:38 PST

Total Warnings: 10

Compatibility Warnings by Browser:
Browser Warnings
Netscape Navigator 4.0 2
Netscape Navigator 3.0 2
Netscape Navigator 2.0 4
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 1
America Online 3.0 1


This utility checks whether your Web page is set up to be indexed correctly by search engines and directories. Report Run on 12/08/1998 at 00:36 PST

Tag TypeWord CountCharacter Count
Title Tag5 words33 characters
Meta Description Tag5 words45 characters
Meta Keywords Tag24 phrases284 characters


Load Time

This diagnostic checks how fast your page loads up under 6 common modem speeds.

9 Total Objects on the Site
Total Size: 24164 bytes
Total Connects: 3

Connect RateConnect Time
14.4K17.16 seconds
28.8K9.68 seconds
33.6K8.37 seconds
56K6.67 seconds
ISDN 128K2.63 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps1.00 seconds

Dead Link

This utility checks to see if your page has any dead links. Report Run on 12/08/1998 at 00:39 PST

Total Links: 12
Total Good Links: 12
Total Failed Links: 0

HTML Design

This utility checks the accuracy of your HTML design code on your page.