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As you introduce yourself and join in, remember that at any given time users from all over the world are logged on. It's a good idea to avoid conversation which might be offensive. The idea is to enjoy and learn from others who share the desire to experience the latest in interactive global communication.

Often, chat areas are monitored by systems operators, or sysops, who ensure that no one is abusive to other chatters. They have the prerogative of disconnecting unruly users. If you encounter someone who is disruptive, you should let the sysop know or use the ignore feature.

A couple of rules of thumb can prove useful when interacting with others in a chat room. Flooding, or filling the chat window with lots of messages, prevents other chatters from being able to participate in the conversation. The same is true for executing emotions. Although generating all of that pink text is lots of fun, you can have too much of a good thing. Go easy on the emotions to allow other users to interact in the room. BY THE SAME TOKEN AVOID USING ALL CAPS. It is the virtual equivalent of shouting and should be done sparingly.