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HEX codes of web safe palette - SZÍNKÓDOK


What is the safe palette?

This is the web "safe" palette. If you run a web browser on a system with a 256-colour Windows screen driver, all the graphics displayed on the web pages you surf will be adjusted to use colours from this palette. The results can look pretty grisly.
Click on square of palette to get hex code of colour.

The safe palette is a group of screen display colors that maintains its quality across Windows and Macintosh operating systems when running Web browsers. The safe palette is important because without it, Web pages designed on Windows look bad on the Machintosh and vice versa. The Mac and Windows operating systems each have a "system palette" of 256 colors, but the two system palettes are not the same. The safe palette is the intersection of the Macintosh and Windows system palettes.
It is easy to tell HTML which colors are in the safe palette:
By the way, the hexadecimal values divisible by 3 are 0, 3, 6, 9, C and F. So FFCCFF would be a safe palette color.
In general, stick to 0,3,6,9,C,and F as "twins" and you are safe.